BS (Computer Science) Program

Details & Semester Outline for BS (Computer Science)

SZABIST Hyderabad Campus offers a four-year (eight semester) BS (Computer Science) degree. The BS Program consists of 40 courses (Five courses per semester) with a total of 130 credit hours.

The BS Program is essentially a day program and consists of 40 courses (Five courses per semester) with a total of 130 credit hours (all electives and certain courses may be offered in the evening), Internship and the passing of the Comprehensive Exam. The maximum time limit to complete the BS degree is six years. The 4 year degree can be completed in shorter time by taking additional courses.

NOTE: Full time academic load is five courses. All students are required to register for full load in the first semester

First Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
CS 1101 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
CS 1102 English Composition and Comprehension
CS 1103 Fundamentals of Programming
CS 1104 Introduction to Computing
CS 1105 Islamiat & Pakistan Studies/Humanities
CS 1201 Discrete Mathematical Structures
CS 1202 Multivariate Calculus
CS 1203 Object Oriented Programming
CS 1204 Physics
CS 1205 Technical and Business Writing

Second Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
CS 2101 Communication & Presentation Skills
CS 2102 Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 2103 Digital Logic Design
CS 2104 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
CS 2105 Statistics and Probability
CS 2201 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
CS 2202 Data Communications & Computer Networks
CS 2203 Database Systems
CS 2204 Finite Automata Theory & Formal Languages
CS 2205 Operating Systems

Third Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
CS 3101 Computer Architecture
CS 3102 Human Computer Interaction
CS 3103 Introduction to Software Development
CS 3104 Software Engineering-I
CS 4xxx University Elective-1
CS 3201 Compiler Construction
CS 3202 Design & Analysis of Algorithms
CS 3203 Numerical Computing
CS 4xxx CS Elective-1
CS 4xxx CS Elective-2

Fourth Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
CS 4101 Artificial Intelligence
CS 4102 Professional Practices
CS 4105 Final Year Project-I
CS 4xxx CS Elective-3
CS 4xxx CS Elective-4
CS 4201 Final Year Project-II
CS 4xxx CS Elective-5
CS 4xxx CS Elective-6
CS 4xxx CS Elective-7
CS 4xxx University Elective-2


CSC 4701 Advanced Internet Architecture
CSC 4801 Advanced Programming Techniques
CSC 4702 Advanced Telecommunication Technologies
CSC 4802 Android Application Development
CSC 4703 Applied Data Mining
CSC 4803 Auditing Information Systems
CSC 4704 Bioinformatics
CSC 4804 Business Process Re-engineering
CSC 4705 Control Systems
CSC 4805 Data and Network Security
CSC 4706 Digital Image Processing
CSC 4806 Digital Signal Processing
CSC 4707 DNA Computing
CSC 4807 Embedded Programming
CSC 4708 Enterprise Resource Planning
CSC 4808 Ethical Hacking
CSC 4709 Internet Business Models
CSC 4809 iOS Development
CSC 4712 IT Innovations
CSC 4711 Linux Administrator-I
CSC 4811 Linux Administrator-II
CSC 4713 Managing Data-Center Projects
CSC 4812 Mechatronics
CSC 4813 Modeling and Simulation
CSC 4714 Network Security and Encryption
CSC 4715 Oracle Administrator-I
CSC 4815 Software Engineering-II
CSC 4814 Software Project Management
CSC 4716 Switching and Routing
CSC 4816 Technopreneurship
CSC 4717 Web Technologies-I
CSC 4817 Web Technologies-II
CSC 4718 Wireless and Mobile Technologies
CS 4501 Business and Technology Ethics
CS 4601 Foreign Languages
CS 4502 Design and Creativity
CS 4602 History of Scientific Ideas
CS 4503 Introduction to Accounting
CS 4603 Management Principles
CS 4504 Organizational Behavior
CS 4604 Research Report
CS 4505 Systems Administration