SZABIST Student Council (SSC)

The SZABIST Student Council (SSC), a body of young, ambitious individuals, cutting across different programs, play the conduit between the administration and students. The SSC hosts, among other activities, entertainment events, produces seasonal SSC merchandise (such as, shirts, mugs, banners, or any other promotional material), and guides fellow students in addressing issues related to their campus life. For the past four years, the Executive Body of the SSC is being elected by the students themselves. All student associations, clubs, and organizations fall under the domain of the SSC and are required to register with the Administration once they are formed. To ensure that democratic norms are instilled, every year proper elections are held for the various offices of these organizations under the supervision of Student Council/Student Advisor. This year, following the same election pattern, the students have elected the following members to serve the SSC:

SSC Facebook Page
SSC Facebook Group

Executive Development Center (EDC)

SZABIST Executive Development Center (EDC) facilitates students in completion of their degree requirements, personal grooming, job placements and keeps in touch with the alumni for relationship building, corporate networking and profile updates.
To bridge the gap between the classroom and workplace, SZABIST has instituted a compulsory internship program. Apart from enabling students to get the feel of an office, internships expose them to potential employers for possible recruitment.
The rules governing internships for all students (except those enrolled in Evening MBA) are the same. Evening MBA students, if already employed, may request a waiver by filling the internship waiver form. Such a request will be considered and approved on a case-by-case basis.

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