Research Center

Research Center Objectives:

1. To organize research training for faculty (In-House/External).

2. To arrange workshops and seminars on research and management sciences discipline.

3. To coordinate the formation of research interest groups.

4. To build industrial linkages through corporate training and consultancies.

5. To document and monitor research output in each cluster in coordination with cluster heads.

6. To provide mentoring through research interest groups.

7. To identify and disseminate call for papers for conferences, journals and books both locally and internationally.

8. To organize research conferences from the platform of SZABIST HYDERABD CAMPUS.

The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) can be categorized under the following heads or new groups can be formulated. Few suggested SIGs are:-

Special Interest Groups of Research Center of Management Science SIG

SIG Head: Dr. Muhammad Arshad Haroon

SIG co-Head: Mr. Rajnesh Shahani

SIG Members:

Dr. Asandas Manwani

Mr. Zuhaib Khokhar

Ms. Zohra Asif

SIG 1: for Finance and Economics Vision

SZABIST HYDERABAD Special Interest Group for Finance and Economics aspires to promote in-house research collaborations, knowledge sharing, resource sharing and enhancing skills of both faculty and graduate research students in the MS research programs. It aims to provide a platform for aspiring researchers to share research ideas, seek mentorship, critical evaluation, feedback and mutual collaboration. It can enable team-work and more impetus in research output as well as improving its depth and quality.

Objectives and Functions:

Seminars and policy dialogues on the state of home and global economy.

Workshops on finance and economics research tools and writing.

Financial times series econometrics.

Panel data econometrics.


Academic research writing in economics and Finance.

To coordinate the formation of research interest groups.

To document and monitor research output in finance and economics cluster in coordination with cluster heads.

To provide mentoring through research interest groups.

To identify and disseminate call for papers for conferences, journals and books both locally and internationally.

Developing a Staff Working Paper Series.

SIG Head: Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Kazi

SIG co-Head: Dr. Ikramuddin Junejo

SIG Members:

Ms. Murk Fatima

Ms. Aiza aziz Qureshi

Ms. Faiza Ali Shahani

SIG 2: Entrepreneurship & Marketing

Entrepreneurship and marketing research group is supported by faculty of management sciences SZABIST Hyderabad, combining various activities under one common goal. The intensive networking increases the relevance of research and teaching. This group bring together faculty and research students with similar interests to focus on particular areas of entrepreneurship and marketing, develop projects, undertake joint activities, and share expertise.

The nature of this research group is such that it covers a diverse range of areas of interest and expertise. The guiding objectives of this research group are:

To coordinate and originate dedicated research activities in the field of entrepreneurship and marketing.

Facilitate multidisciplinary research excellence.

To stimulate researchers network for the exchange of information and expertise relating to entrepreneurship and marketing.

Encourage a culture of creativity, innovation taking in learning through research.

Promote rigorous research that is relevant to real world learning and provide opportunities to publish research papers in international recognized journals.

SIG Head: DR. Noor Muhammad Jamali

SIG co-Head: Mr. Afzal Khan Memon

SIG Members:

Mr. Bilal Ahmed Khan

Ms. Annam Jamil

SIG 3) Management and Human Resource Management

About the SIG

Effective management of the organizational workforce is necessary for the efficient management of organizations. Hence, organizations are actively searching for ways to enhance their competitiveness by adopting effective people management practices. Among other things, this research group in involved in the study of management practices that increase organizational performance through a more committed and engaged workforce while also maintaining employee well-being.

The researchers in this group are actively involved in publishing relevant research in collaboration with local as well as reputed international scholars. This platform provides support to faculty members as well as graduate students who are interested in the study of people management and its related topics in organizations.

SIG Head: DR. Ikramuddin Junejo

SIG co-Head: Mr. Rashid Ahmed Qureshi

SIG Members:

Ms. Summera Unar

SIG 4) Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain (OLS)

About the SIG:

The globalization and the development of the economy as a process enable the creation of a single market and in this process logistics is an important tool. A market with well-organized logistics and supply chain management facilities has a qualified advantage over other economies, whereas improving logistics infrastructure may serve as a competitive tool and is also effective in rising market share. Moreover, we believe that trade logistics and supply chain management are needed by emerging countries in order to improve their competitiveness as by obtaining the advantages of globalization. The success in combining international supply chains starts with the capability of companies to move goods across borders faster, in a more consistent manner and cheaper.

Supply chain academics and practitioners enjoy a unique bond. The applied heritage of logistics and supply chain motivates researchers to identify problems residing in current and future practice, address them in a conscientious manner, and to provide findings that yield meaningful insights. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to work with practitioners in light of the disruptive forces at work in industry and the thirst for meaningful insights. The OLS SIG therefore will act as a supporting body to those studying, researching and teaching Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain.

List of Activities for Year 2021-2022 is:

Event Details:

01) Research-based Webinar: Using LaTeX for Scientific Writing. Dated: Saturday, 20th March 2021.

02) Research-based Webinar: Automatic Reference Management Tools. Dated: Sunday, 21st March 2021.

03) Research Webinar Series: How to do Research in Computer Sciences. Dated: Friday, 2nd July 2021.

04) Research Webinar Series: Writing a Research Paper. Dated: Friday, 9th July 2021.

05) Research Webinar: FEBERI - Freelance, Entrepreneur, Businessman, Employee, Research & Investor. Dated: Tuesday, 13th July 2021.

06) Research Webinar Series: Writing a Research Paper - Introduction & Literature Review. Dated: Friday, 16th July 2021.

07) Research Webinar Series: Writing a Research Paper: Introduction. Dated: Friday, 24th September 2021.

08) Research Webinar Series: Writing a Research Paper: Literature Review. Dated: Friday, 1st October 2021.

09) Research Webinar Series: Writing a Research Paper: Methodology. Dated: Friday, 8th October 2021.

10) Research Webinar Series: Writing a Research Paper: Methodology (for AI & Machine Learning-based Researches)”. Dated: Friday, 15th October 2021.

11) Research Webinar Series: Writing a Research Paper: Results & Discussion. Dated: Friday, 19th November 2021.

12) Research Paper Writing: Conclusion, Abstract & Automatic Reference Management. Dated: Saturday, 1st March 2022.

Institutional Research / Quality Enhancement Cell

Welcome to SZABIST online Quality Enhancement Cell and Institutional Research department. We serve our institute by ensuring that quality education is delivered at SZABIST and it meets the guidelines set by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

We also ensure that all aspects of SZABIST's operations achieve the high standards envisaged in the vision and mission of SZABIST. In addition, our work entails, building relations with academic agencies and associations, within and outside the country, and assisting the various faculties in seeking accreditation of our programs.

Operationally, we collect, analyze, and report internally consistent and accurate information which facilitates strategic planning and timely decision-making by SZABIST's management and its Board of Trustees.

On our site you will find a variety of information on academic programs, institutional facilities and institutional effectiveness.

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Quality Enhancement Cell Achieves the Highest Ranking

Based on the latest assessment by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of Higher Education Commission (HEC), SZABIST's Quality Enhancement Cell has been ranked in the highest category, that is, "W" category. This reflects the excellent performance of the SZABIST QEC in ensuring adherence to high quality standards of education delivery. This assessment is done bi-annually by the HEC to assesses the performance of the Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) established at different Public and Private sector universities through a scorecard system.

SZABIST's QEC scored "90%" in their quantitative assessment for the period of July-December, 2012. This performance is the result of the vigorous and persistent efforts of the QEC staff at SZABIST.


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