Events and Activities Of Spring 2016

1) ZAB Day

SSC - Hyd Chapter Organized Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Day - ZAB Day on Tuesday 19th Jan 2016 in which Board of Trustees Dr. M. Suleman Shaikh was called as Guest Speaker and he also distributed Merit Scholarships to the meritorious students.

2) Freshman Engagement Session

SSC - Hyd Chapter organized Freshman Engagement Session on Monday 25th Jan 2016 to get Freshman of Spring - 2016 on board and make them aware about the policies of SZABIST Hyderabad Campus.

3) House Building Finance

Students of SZABIST Hyderabad Campus were invited by State Bank of Pakistan in launching and awareness ceremony of House Building Finance on Wednesday 27th Jan 2016.

4) Recruitment Drive

SZABIST Hyderabad Campus organized Recruitment Drive of Verge Systems on Feb 2nd 2016.

Events and Activities Of Fall 2016

5) Oath Taking Ceremony

On Tuesday 23rd August 2016 SSC SZABIST student’s council Oath Ceremony was held at SZABIST.

6) Fresher's Fiesta

SZABIST Student Council conducted Fresher's Fiesta for new comers in seminar hall. SZABIST Hyd Student ambassador of Red Bull, Mr. Furqan arranged a refresher event for new comers of Fall 2016 session on 19th September, 2016.

7) AIESC Hyderabad Chapter Session

On 20th September, 2016 SZABIST Hyd student Mr. Shariq, President AIESC Hyderabad Chapter, organized an informative recruitment session at campus.

8) Seminar on Minority Rights and Youth Activism

On 5th October 2016 SSC conducted a Seminar on the topic of Minority Rights and Youth Activism at SZABIST HYD Campus.

9) Deaf Reach School Hyderabad Visit

On 7th October 2016 Ms Shahira Mukhtar Lecture MS Department arranged a sports day at Deaf Reach School Hyderabad with students from BSCS and BBA. Sports kits & other gifts were also donated to school children.

10) ACM Chapter Session

On 8th October 2016 ACM student chapter arranged a guest speaker session for BSCS students on topic of formal language processing.

11) Movie Screening Session

On 17th October 2016 SSC organized a movie screening session on topic of “Trees save the planet” at Seminar Hall SZABIST Hyd Campus.

12) Ethical Tussles

On 13th October 2016 Ms. Farzana visiting faculty member organized a session with the name of “Ethical Tussles” for her Subject’s students of Business Ethics. Students presented different videos on different topics of Ethics. A Panel Awarded cash prize to best group.

13) US Council Visit

On Wednesday 19th October, 2016 United States of America Consulate General Karachi Visited to SZABIST Hyderabad.

14) Learn Fest 2k16

On 11th November 2016, Learn Fest III opening ceremony was held in seminar hall of SZABIST HYD organized by SSC with the support of ACM chapter.

On 11th November 2016, ACM Chapter conducted virtual wars as part of Learn Fest III which featured Need for Speed, Counter Strike and FIFA in computing lab SZABIST HYD.

On 12th November 2016, Darts, Chess, Table Tennis and Foosball competitions were organized by SSC SZABIST HYD as part of Learn Fest III.

On 13th November 2016 as a part of Learn Fest III Outdoor sports were played at the Hyderabad Club. The sports included cricket, soccer, table tennis, volleyball, throw ball and racing.

On 14th November 2016, the ACM chapter under supervision of Ms. Saira Memon, Lecturer, CS Department organized two competitions titled as Code Chef and Code Craft in computing lab as part of Learn Fest III.

On 15th November 2016, students under supervision of Mr. Rajnesh Shahani, Lecturer MS Department conducted a grand quiz contest titled as Quizzard. This contest also had entries from other institutes of Hyderabad. The team from BBA SZABIST Hyderabad won the final by beating BSCS team.

On 16th and 17th November 2016,students under supervision of Ms. Rifah Arshad Lecturer, MS Department organized Two days Retail Extravaganza competition as part of Learn Fest III.

On 16th November 2016, ADD War was organized by Mr. Afzal Memon Lecturer, MS Department as part of Learn Fest III for his subject students of BBA HRM.

On 17th November 2016, Mr. Afzal Memon Lecturer, MS Department organized A Documentary competition as part of Learn Fest III for his subject students of BBA Current affairs.

On 18th November 2016, a competition of Learn Fest III titled Debattle was organized by Ms. Shahira Mukhtar Lecturer, MS Department. The competition was a tri-lingual (English, Urdu & Sindhi) debate competition and had more than 25 participants from SZABIST HYD.

On 18th November 2016, Ms. Saira Memon Lecturer, CS Department conducted Envisioning the future poster competition as part of Learn Fest III for BBA, MBA & BSCS students.

On 18th November 2016, Learn Fest III 2016 event was concluded with a prize distribution and closing ceremony that took place in seminar Hall 3rd Floor SZABIST HYD. Head of Campus distributed shields & cash prizes to winning students.

15) Blood Donation Drive

On 19th November 2016 blood donation drives was organized with the help of students of BSCS by Ms Shahira Mukhtar Lecturer, MS Department at Fatimid Foundation. More than 60 Students, Faculty & Staff members from SZABIST Hyd Campus donated blood for thalassemia patients.

16) Annual Dinner 2016

On 26th November 2016 SSC arranged Annual Dinner 2016 for regular and Alumni students.

17) Career Fair 2017

On 26th November 2016 SZABIST Hyderabad Career Fair 2016 was held at Pearl Banquet. More than 800 students/ job seekers attended the Annual Career Fair from different educational institutions. A number of 70 human resource professionals from 22 organizations including National as well multinationals were there.

18) Ethical Arena

On 19th December 2016, Ms.Farzana organized a play named “Ethical Arena“ for her subject students of Business Ethics in which they presented the ethical and unethical behaviors.

19) IEEE Elections

On 23rd December 2016, IEEE Elections were held.