Events and Activities Of Spring 2019

1) Winter Clothes Distribution Drive

On 1st January, 2019, ZABWELFARE distributed warm clothes and slippers to people in the under privilege areas of Thatta.

2) Freshie Carousel

SZABIST Oratory Society arranged “Freshie Carousel” for the fresher students of Srping 2019 semester on 31st January, 2019.

3) Seminar on Islamic Banking

State Bank of Pakistan, BSC Hyderabad hosted a seminar on Islamic Banking for students of SZABIST Hyderabad on 11th February, 2019.

4) Public Speaking Session – “Story of My Life”

Ms. Shaheera Mukhtar, Lecturer at MS Department organized a public speaking session on “Story of My Life” on 1st March, 2019.

5) Blood Donation Drive

ZABWELFARE arranged a Blood Donation Drive for Thalassemia patients at Fatmid Foundation on 21st February, 2019.

6) Book Club 3.0

On 4th March, 2019, SZABIST Oratory Society arranged “Book Club 3.0 for the students of SZABIST Hyderabad.

7) Women Paradigm

The female faculty members organized an interactive session with the name of “Women Paradigm” for the female students of SZABIST Hyderabad that focused on basic etiquettes and personal grooming.

8) War of Words

A debate competition for BSCS and BSSE foundation semester students was organized on 12th April 2019.

9) One-Day SPSS Workshop

SZABIST Marketing Society organized a one-day SPSS workshop on 13th April, 2019 for Research Scholars, Faculty Members and professionals dealing with data. Mr. Ikramuddin Junejo, Lecturer of MS Department SZABIST Hyderabad was the trainer for the session.

10) Retail Extravaganza

On 16th and 18th April, 2019, students of Retail Management hosted retail extravaganza in SZABIST Hyderabad under the supervision of Mr. Ikramuddin Junejo, Lecturer of MS Department SZABIST Hyderabad.

11) T-Exposure 19

IEEE, SZABIST Hyderabad Student Branch hosted a project display event on 22nd April, 2019, where students displayed their projects.

12) Awareness Session on International CSR Activities and Internships

AIESEC Hyderabad hosted an awareness session on international CSR activities and internship opportunities on 23rd April, 2019.

13) Seminar on Big Data

ACM, SZABIST Hyderabad Chapter organized a seminar on “Big Data” for students of BSCS and BSSE Foundation Programs on 2nd May, 2019. Mr. Saad Shah, Network Administrator BSS Hyderabad was the speaker of the session.

Events and Activities Of Fall 2019

1) Fresher Welcome

SZABIST Student Council arranged “Fresher Welcome” for fresh students of SZABIST on 27th August, 2019.

2) Sketch Competition

Student advisor hosted a sketch competition themed “Defense Day and Solidarity with Kashmir” on 3rd September, 2020 for the students for SZABIST Hyderabad. The notice board was decorated with the artwork of the participants by SSC as a gesture of appreciation.

3) Defense Day and Solidarity with Kashmir

SZABIST Student Councial hosted “Defense Day and Solidarity with Kashmir” on 6th September, 2019. Mr. Atiq Raja was the guest speaker of the event.

4) The Power of Freelancing

On 16th September, 2019, SZABIST Student Council organized a guest speaker session for students on “The Power of Freelancing.” Mr. Farid Ghori, Chief technology Officer at OCLITS was the speaker of the session.

5) AIESEC Recruitment Drive

On 23rd September, 2019, AIESEC set up a help desk for recruitment drive and walk-in interviews of new members.

6) Interactive Session on Mindfulness

SZABIST Student Council arranged an interactive session on “Mindfulness” with Dr. Mehmood Mughal, visiting faculty SZABIST Hyderabad on 25th September, 2019.

7) Introducing Flutler

On 26th September, 2019, Mr. Umair Jameel Lecturer/PM, CS department organized a guest speaker session for BSSE and BSCS Part-I students on the topic of “Introducing Flutler”. Mr. Wajahat Karim, Development Manager at Symmetry Group, Karachi was the speaker of the session.

8) Trip to Turtle Beach

SZABIST Student Council organized a trip to Turtle Beach for the students of SZABIST Hyderabad on 29th September, 2019.

9) Educational Visit by Pakistan Navy

Pakistan Navy hosted a session at SZABIST Hyderabad on 30th September, 2019.

10) Interactive Session on “Exchange and Education Program Opportunities in USA” with U.S. Consulate Karachi

U.S. Consulate, Karachi hosted an interactive Session with the students of SZABIST Hyderabad on 9th October, 2019. Public Affairs Officer, Jason Green and Cultural Attache, Cameron Thomas-Shah talked to SZABIST students on the topic: “Exchange and Education Program Opportunities in USA.”

11) Hands-on Workshop on Google Cloud Study

Google Developer Student Club hosted a hands-on workshop on “Google Cloud Study” for the students of BSCS. Mr. Pardeep Kesnani, Google DSC Lead and student of BSCS SZABIST Hyderabad was the trainer of the session.

12) Competitive Essay Writing Workshop

Ms. Shahira Mukhtar, Lecturer, MS department arranged a workshop on Competitive Essay Writing on 31st October, 2019. Mr. Ilahi Bux Gopang, Assistant Professor at University of Sindh, Jamshoro was the speaker of the session.

13) Learnfest 2019

Learnfest is a multi-competition event that takes place annually at SZABIST Hyderabad Campus, comprising of various academic and co-curricular contests organized by SSC in collaboration with other student societies and faculty members. Learnfest 2019 began with an opening ceremony held on 1st November, 2019 and ended on 13th November, 2019. Learnfest 2019 comprised of various indoor and outdoor sports competitions, indoor gaming competitions, indoor academic contests and activities. The closing ceremony was held on 13th November, 2019, where the prize distribution and concluding remarks were made By Mr. Jawad Raza Khoso - Head of Campus, SZABIST Hyderabad.

14) SZABIST Trade Expo

Final year students of BBA studying Trade Marketing under the supervision Ms. Murk Fatima, Lecturer, MS department arranged SZABIST Trade Expo at Dollmen Hall, Hyderabad on 16th November, 2019.

15) Interactive Session with DIGP Hyderabad Range

Mr. Naeem Ahmed Shaikh, DIGP Hyderabad Range hosted an interactive session with the students of SZABIST Hyderabad on 19th November, 2019.

16) Session on Artificial Intelligence

IEEE SZABIST Hyderabad Student Branch organized a guest speaker session on Artificial Intelligence for BSCS students on 20th November, 2019. Guest speaker was Mr. Rizwan Alvi, from Aptech Site Center Karachi.

17) Literature Festival

SZABIST Oratory Society arranged Literature Festival of NASAR and Poetry for the students on 20th and 21st November, 2019.

18) Graphic Designing from Basics to Logo Designing

ACM SZABIST Hyderabad Chapter arranged a workshop on “Graphic Designing – From Basics to Logo Designing” on 26th November, 2019. Mr. Ibtihaj Shaikh, CEO, Afhams Studio was the trainer of the workshop.

19) SPSS Workshop

SZABIST Student Council arranged a hands-on “SPSS Workshop” on 27th November, 2019. The trainer was Mr. Zuhaib Khokhar, Lecturer, MS Department.

20) Winter Exchange Informative Session by AIESEC

AAIESEC arranged a “Winter Exchange Informative Session” for the students on 29th November, 2019. Mr. Burraq Aslam Memon, AIESEC President in Hyderabad was the speaker of the session.

21) Winter Formal Annual Dinner and Alumni Reunion

SZABIST Student Council organized “Winter Formal Dinner and Alumni Reunion” for all SZABISTIANS at Fusion Banquet Latifabad, Hyderabad on 23rd December, 2019.