BS (Accounting & Finance) Program

Details & Semester Outline for BS (Accounting & Finance)

SZABIST offers a four-year (eight semesters) Bachelor of Science (Accounting & Finance) program, consisting of 46 Courses (six courses per semester) and a 6 credit hours Research Project. Students have to complete 144 credits hours along with six weeks of internship to obtain the BS Accounting & Finance (BS A & F) degree . The maximum time limit to complete the degree program is six years. Those who complete BS (A&F) from SZABIST will get an exemption in ACCA papers from F1 to F9.

NOTE: Full time academic load is six courses. All students are required to register for full load in the first semester.All courses may not be necessarily offered every year. Alternate courses may be substituted as and when needed.

First Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
AF 1101 Business Mathematics
AF 1102 Computer Concepts and Applications
AF 1104 Introduction to Financial Accounting
AF 1105 Pakistan Studies
AF 1203 Communication Skills
AF 1205 Islamic Studies/Humanities
AF 1103 English Comprehension
AF 1106 Principles of Management
AF 1201 Advanced Financial Accounting
AF 2303 Introduction to Psychology
AF 2304 Introduction to Sociology
AF 2405 Principles of Microeconomics

Second Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
AF 1202 Calculus for Business Studies
AF 1206 Principles of Marketing
AF 2302 Cost Accounting
AF 3503 Business Ethics
AF 3505 Principles of Macroeconomics
AF 4703 Introduction to Business Finance
AF 2301 Business and Technical English Writing
AF 2305 Organizational Behavior
AF 2401 Management Accounting
AF 2402 Management Information Systems
AF 2404 Money and Banking
AF 2406 Statistics and Probability

Third Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
AF 3501 Accounting and Financial Information Systems AF 3502 Auditing
AF 3506 Statistical Inference
AF 3603 e-Commerce
AF 3606 Taxation
AF 3608 Islamic Banking and Finance
AF 1204 Introduction to Human Resource Management
AF 2403 Marketing Management
AF 3607 Corporate Accounting
AF 4701 Business and Labor Law
AF 4702 Financial Management
AF 3609 Business Research Methodologies

Fourth Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
AF 4708 Financial Risk Management
AF 4704 Islamic Financial System
AF 4707 Company Law
AF 4801 Corporate Finance
AF 4804 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
AF 4805 Management of Financial Institutions
AF 2306 Pakistan Economic Policy
AF 3504 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management AF 3605 Financial Reporting
AF 4808 Final Project
AF 4803 International Financial Management

BS (Accounting & Finance) Electives

Management Marketing
BA 4116 Supply Chain Management
BA 4117 Salary and Compensation
BA 4711 Change Management
BA 4217 Industrial and Labor Laws
BA 4711 Leadership and Motivation Techniques
BA 4813 Training and Development
BA 4815 Event Management
BA 4826 Talent Management
BA 4812 Recruitment and Selection
BA 4844 Operations Research
BA 4707 Marketing Research*
BA 4116 Supply Chain Management
BA 4217 Experiential Marketing
BA 4721 Advertising
BA 4722 Brand Management
BA 4815 Event Management
BA 4816 Industrial Marketing
BA 4824 Sales Management
BA 4842 Graphics Designing for Multimedia*
BA 4739 Export Marketing
BA 4125 Emerging Media
BA 4821 Media Planning
BA 4xxx Product Innovation and Design
Finance Information Technology
BA 4218 Financial Research
BA 4719 Investment Banking
BA 4732 Corporate Finance
BA 4734 International Banking
BA 4831 Portfolio and Investment Management
BA 4833 Security Analysis
BA 4834 Treasury and Funds Management
BA 4855 Financial Risk Analysis
BA 4752 Financial Reporting and Analysis
BA 4115 Derivatives
BA 4724 Financial Modeling
BA 4701 Islamic Banking and Finance*
BA 3614 Business Analysis and Forecasting*
BA 4224 E-Marketing Strategies
BA 4714 E-Business & e-Commerce Management
BA 4745 Information System Audit
BA 4822 Media Production
BA 4842 Graphic Design for Multimedia*
BA 4844 Operations Research