BS (Artificial Intelligence) Program

Details & Semester Outline for BS (Artificial Intelligence)

SZABIST offers a four-year (eight semesters) BS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE full time day program consisting of 41 courses and a 6 Credit Hour Research Project. Students have to complete 130 credits hours along with six weeks of internship to obtain BS Artificial Intelligence (BSAI) degree. The Maximum duration of the program is six years.

NOTE: Full time academic load is six courses. All students are required to register for full load in the first semester. All courses may not be necessarily offered every year. Alternate courses may be substituted as and when needed.

First Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
CSC 1108 Introduction to Computer Science
CSCL 1108 Lab: Introduction to Computer Science
CSC 1103 Fundamentals of Programming
CSCL 1103 Lab: Fundamentals of Programming
CSC 1209 Islamic Studies/ Humanities
CSC 1109 Pakistan Studies
CSC 1101 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
CSC 1102 English Composition and Comprehension
CSC 1208 Object Oriented Programming Techniques
CSCL 1208 Lab: Object Oriented Programming Techniques
CSC 2103 Digital Logic Design
CSCL 2103 Lab: Digital Logic Design
CSC 2206 Linear Algebra
CSC 1206 Probability and Statistics
CSC 2101 Communication and Presentation Skills

Second Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
CSC 2102 Data Structures and Algorithms
CSCL 2102 Lab: Data Structures and Algorithms
CSC 2201 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
CSCL 2201 Lab: Computer Organization and Assembly Language
CSC 1201 Discrete Mathematical Structures
CSC 4101 Artificial Intelligence
CSCL 4101 Lab: Artificial Intelligence
CSC 2122 Differential Equations
CSC 3205 Computer Networks and Data Communications
CSCL 3205 Lab: Computer Networks and Data Communications
CSC 2203 Database Systems
CSCL 2203 Lab: Database Systems
CSC 3202 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
AIC 2401 Programming for Artificial Intelligence
AICL 2401 Lab: Programming for Artificial Intelligence
AIC xxxx AI Elective – 1

Third Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
CSC 2205 Operating Systems
CSCL 2205 Lab: Operating Systems
AIC 3501 Artificial Neural Networks
AICL 3501 Lab: Artificial Neural Networks
AIC 3503 Machine Learning
AICL 3503 Lab: Machine Learning
AIC 3502 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
CSC xxxx University Elective – 1
AIC 3601 Technical and Business Writing
AIC 3602 Computing Vision
AICL 3602 Lab: Computing Vision
AIC 3603 Natural Language Processing
CSC 3109 Software Engineering
AIC xxxx AI Elective - 2
AIC xxxx University Elective – 2

Fourth Year

Fall Semester Spring Semester
CSC 4106 Parallel and Distributed Computing
CSC 4102 Professional Practices
AIC xxxx University Elective-3
AIC xxxx AI Elective-3
AIC 4707 Final Year Project-I
AIC 4807 Final Year Project-II
AIC 4xxx University Elective – 4
AIC 4801 Information Security
AIC xxxx AI Elective – 4


AIC 4701 Advanced Statistics
AIC 4706 Theory of Automata and Formal Languages
AIC 4802 Data Mining
AIC 4702 Deep Learning
AIC 4805 Speech Processing
AIC 4804 Reinforcements Learning
AIC 4803 Fuzzy Systems
AIC 4703 Evolutionary Computing
AIC 4705 Swarm Intelligence
AIC 4801 Agent Based Modeling
AIC 4704 Knowledge Based Systems
AIC 4504 Organizational Behavior
AIC 4605 Research Report
AIC 4603 Management Principles
AIC 4601 Business and Technology Ethics
AIC 4503 Introduction to Accounting
AIC 4602 Foreign Languages
AIC 4502 History of Scientific Ideas
AIC 4501 Design and Creativity
AIC 4505 Sociology
AIC 4604 Psychology
Coverage of relevant pre-requisite will be ensured while allowing any of the following courses from this category:
1. Calculus and Analytic Geometry
2. Linear Algebra
3. Probability and Statistics
4. Differential Equations
I. Core Courses:
i. Computing Core Courses 39
ii. Computer Science Core Courses 18
iii. General Education Courses 19
iv. Artificial Intelligence Core Courses 18
II. Elective Courses:
i. Mathematics & Science Foundation Courses 12
ii. Artificial Intelligence Elective Courses 12
iii. Institutional Elective Courses 12
Total= 130